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Welcome to Gift of a Future …

a project to help girls in Uganda escape the family cycle of poverty …

… in a single generation

Here’s a short video to explain more about the situation …

To make a remarkable and tangible impact in these girls’ lives and education please click the button below.

We are honoured to be supported by make-a-donation, where 100% of your contribution goes to the schools.

Schooling in Uganda is not free … it’s $250 per student year

Yes, the government does make a contribution . . . but every child needs to find about $250 (around $1 per day) to be allowed in to school for their education.

It’s such a small amount . . . yet it’s an impossible amount for the majority of families in Uganda.

70% of the population is under 35.

50% is under 15!

In a country decimated by HIV, AIDS and years of civil unrest (now, thankfully, much more peaceful) the majority of the country are of school age.

There’s a huge need for educated young adults to have the chance to step up, make their contribution to society, to make their mark.

Schools need to collect the shortfall of funding from the children’s families – they really have no other choice.

80% of the population lives in a rural setting. It’s a major challenge for a family to earn enough to be able to eat.

School and education is an opportunity often out of reach of such families.

Yet the spirit and spark of the girls in these environments is inspiring!

Given the chance they jump at the idea of going to school, getting an education. It is clear to them . . . an education is their way out of this cyclical poverty.

This is what Gift of a Future is set up to provide.

100% of all donations go directly to the schools – there’s no middle-man, no “back handers”, no corruption in the system.
The schools provide the education . . . and more.

They provide food (which is not taken for granted).

They provide shelter (as the schools we support are boarding schools, so the girls always attend . . . there’s no risk that “my family asked me to stay at home to look after my baby sister”).

The girls receive consistent, reliable, life-changing education. They’re safe. They’re cared for. They’re inspired.

And through donations, Gift of a Future can provide direct access to education for more and more girls. Please do help our work.

Sending girls to school has a huge community impact . . . just ask Tinah

Tinah, from Jinja, a town on the shores of Lake Victoria, in Eastern Uganda, received a scholarship 10 years ago. This allowed her to finish school and qualify for nursing school.

She became a nurse . . . and earned enough to build a house for her mother . . . the mother who, sadly, couldn’t support her own daughter’s education.

Tinah went on to support her cousins through their education, and has moved her family out of poverty in a single generation.

We want to provide school fees for more girls like Tinah, so they can complete their education and change the futures of their families and communities forever.

This is what the Gift of a Future project is designed for.

A single purpose. A simple direct-link approach. 100% donation-to-school-to-educated girl.

We met our goals in our first two years of Gift of a Future

Kate, co-founder of Gift of a Future, has travelled to Uganda many times over the last 6 years. She’s built personal relationships with school leaders who jump for joy at the idea of being able to securely provide education to more girls.

Thanks to the wonderful generosity from many amazing people, we are currently supporting 74 girls – all of whom would instead have, at best, a sporadic and disrupted education . . . and could never reach the potential they carry within themselves.

Thanks to those donors, these are 74 girls who are receiving an education to give them better life chances in the future.

This is truly a Gift of a Future in action. We are now working to support more girls in 2018 and beyond. To do this we need consistent and growing support.

These girls have the potential to change their families and their communities in a meaningful and tangible way.

They have the potential . . . what they lack is the opportunity.

That’s where you come in. 

For those who share the belief in what is possible, you can change lives . . . a few lives now, which turns into many lives in their future.

Please support this cause. Click the button below and make your own contribution. Thank you.