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This video explains what we’re all about.

For you to make a HUGE impact in a girls’ lives in Uganda, please click the link below.

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Schooling in Uganda is not free, but it only costs $250 per student per year

In Uganda there is a cost for secondary school that must be paid by families who want to give their children an education. While fees are only around $250 (£170) per student per year many families cannot afford that, forcing children to drop out of school. Traditionally, boys get priority in families who can only afford some school fees, so it’s even harder for girls to get an education.


Sending girls to school has huge community impact, just ask Tinah

Tinah, from Jinja in Eastern Uganda, received a scholarship 10 years ago that allowed her to finish school and qualify for nursing school. She became a nurse, earned enough to build a house for her mother, supported her cousins through education and has moved her family out of poverty in one generation. We want to pay school fees for more girls like Tinah, so they can complete their education and change the future of their families and communities forever.

We MET our first goal: to give the Gift of a Future to 30 girls like Tinah in 2016

I have travelled to Uganda many times over the past five years and built personal relationships with school leaders who jump for joy at the idea of having the funds to educate more girls. Thanks to fantastic generosity from many amazing people we were able to identify and support 74 girls through their schooling in 2016.

That’s 74 girls who would not be at school right now. But thanks to you, they are. Thanks to you they are having an education that can give them better life chances in the future.

This is truly Gift of a Future in action.

We are now working to support these and more girls in 2017. You can help them directly thanks to the support of Make-A-Donation. Please click here to make any contribution you can. Thank you.